Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Affinity Scam

This is simply one of the sickest things I've read. There will be special place in hell for this scumbag. It works out to an average of $35k per victim which means that there are plenty of people who put in 15-20k, possibly their life savings: it would be a big deal for disabled people. It seems that to be a successful Ponzi scheme enterprise, you need scale. This subhuman was thinking small and got busted quick. Uncle Bernie and his cousin, Mr. Stanford, on the other hand...

From the SEC website:
"The Securities and Exchange Commission has obtained a court order halting a Ponzi scheme that specifically targeted members of the Deaf community in the United States and Japan. The SEC alleges that Hawaii-based Billion Coupons, Inc. (BCI) and its CEO Marvin R. Cooper raised $4.4 million from 125 investors since at least September 2007 by, among other things, holding investment seminars at Deaf community centers."

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