Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Doomsday: Cancelled?

At least for now. Our new proprietary 3-P Doomsday Index says so. The talented staff here at the world headquarters have labored tirelessly over the last few months and have come up with the Barbarian Capital 3-P Doomsday Index (TM).

3-P stands for Pasta, Pistols and Pawnshops. You know, the stuff you'd expect to go up as society disintegrates.

Let's look at the returns for the last 6 months:

American Italian Pasta Company (Nasdaq: AIPC): -20%
Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. (Nasdaq: SWHC): -15%
EZCORP, Inc. (Nasdaq: EZPW): +13%

H/T Gawker for the bunker food pic.

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