Monday, October 4, 2010

How Not to Woo Customers: Craig-Hallum Edition

So, imagine this: several of your micro-cap holdings and research targets are presenting together in a conference in your city. You register for said micro-cap stock conference put together by a small bank called Craig-Hallum. There are no restrictions of any kind on the registration process: a straight-forward registration form with standard questions. 

The day before the conference you get a call, asking you who you are. You explain your story, your plans, and specifically why you registered to attend. Then you get the question "so how can we benefit from your presence there?" You are a straight-forward guy and you explain that at this stage, there is no benefit to the organizer. Of course, there is a direct benefit to the corporate (so-called) clients as they get to present to a wider audience, and there might be benefits down the road to said bank. 

But, as is the case with non-apex creatures, such foresight is deficient. The caller just tells you point-blank that you're not welcome. 

So, dear Craig-Hallum, thank you for allowing me to register just to call me the day before your event to tell me that I am not welcome: you win my eternal adoration (and some fame on the internet).

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