Thursday, March 17, 2011

Linkfest of Linkfests

Linkfests are great. They are a very efficient way of gathering information and analysis. People who share links consistently deserve admiration as they greatly improve the ecosystem.

Here are the linkfests I follow in my RSS feeds. I link to recent editions so you can go and check them out for yourself. There is no particular order of importance as many are not directly comparable.

Barry Ritholtz/The Big Picture: One of the most influential bloggers shares Afternoon Reads quite often. Generally finance-focused.

Yves Smith/Naked Capitalism: Published author and voice of integrity does an extensive list daily, always with a picture of cute animals at the end as an "antidote".

Bess Levin/Dealbreaker: Dealbreaker is well known for its proprietary flow of information and rowdy commentariat, but wonder-editor Bess also has opening and closing links with nice summaries.

David Merkel/Aleph Blog: Merkel shares interesting reads with commentary on twitter, no linkfest per se on the blog itself.

Josh Brown/Reformed Broker: one of my favorite bloggers and emerging media mega-personality does not one but two linkfests, one on the blog and one for RIAs on the WSJ

Clusterstock: There are a few daily things there that can loosely qualify as a linkfest but I always go for the main morning one and Wall Street Gossip in 60 Seconds in the afternoon.

Felix Salmon/Reuters: Famous corporate blogger shares a few links nightly.

John Carney/CNBC: Former Dealbreaker and Clusterstock guy, now at CNBC, does a headline roundup. Unfortunately, he does not have a full RSS feed which means that I visit about 5% of the time.

Miguel Barbosa/Simolean Sense: This is the Renaissance Man linkfest. Miguel painstakingly puts together a long collection of cerebral articles on a wide variety of topics every Sunday. You can feel smarter just by reading the summaries. He shares links continuously throughout the week but the Sunday effort is true feast.

Crosshairs Trader Blog: trading-focused links

Calculated Risk: another titan blogger shares his finds periodically. CR also has very high quality weekly summaries and graphs.

Tadas Viskanta/Abnormal Returns: the only full-time links "curator" in finance that I know of. He does an early edition and a full edition of carefully categorized links, along with interesting periodic interviews. Daily read even just to pick up what people talk about.

MaoXian: MaoXian's shared links are easily the most eclectic bunch that "the Chairman" collects as he surfs: homemade nutella recipes to Beijing air quality to stocks making new lows, it is all there.

Pakiya Funds: weekly links on various topics of interest to value investors

Jay/Market Folly: Many people know MF as the pre-eminent hedge fund tracking service, but he also has a periodic, high quality reading list.

George/Fat Pitch Financials "Festival of Stocks": weekly links primarily on value topics

Some Assembly Required: this is a bit of a left-leaning, alarmist daily links list that I keep an eye on for topics I rarely encounter otherwise

Ed Harrison/Credit Writedowns on delicious: CW links primarily to news articles

Tim Iacono/TimIacono: Daily news links, well sorted

James Altucher/Daily Finance: yes, that Altucher does links periodically

iShares blog: the mothership of ETFs has a blog, and a relatively new weekly links effort, I hope it stays

Marginal Revolution: slightly more econ-focus here, more or less daily

Insider Monkey: a relatively new blog focused on insider moves and hedge funds that shares good finds periodically

Tom Brakke/Research Puzzle/RP Pix: underfollowed but very thoughtful blog and separate "pix" with links

Surly Trader: sorted news links weekly

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