Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is There A Lemming Trade? The Ira Sohn Conference Effect

 I am crossposting here and on Davian, the technology and marketing partner for my inflation-focused product for retail investors.

The Ira Sohn charitable conference took place in NYC today, and a large number of well-known and successful fund managers presented their best idea/s in rapid succession (each has ~15 minutes). The effect on the stocks in questions only confirms that stocks can be "branded" by being associated with the right manager on the right platform. It was fascinating to see the jumps in prices in real time during the afternoon. Did people do it just for a trade? Is this a buy first, think next situation? I don't know and I stayed out: no one is infallible, including these very smart guys who were actively talking their book.

Here are a few charts:

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